In need of an inspiring guest lecturer to ignite the fire in others? Or in search of an intriguing workshop?

Stef de Hoog provides guest lectures and workshops with the same intensity he puts in his productions. He will make sure that these will fit your requirements.

Guest lectures

'I enjoy enhancing the passion in others. To tell my story, to inspire people and to tell them that with the right amount of perseverance you can be where you always wanted to be and maybe become even more than you have ever dreamt of!
I love contaminating people with the producer virus and challenging them to get the very best out of themselves. 

Dreaming is for those who are afraid to set goals, that’s my motto. My lectures come with the guarantee that everyone will walk out the door with a new goal!


The workshops Stef offers run for several days. In this time,  students or young professionals learn to write a piece, direct and produce it. The exact length of a project depends on various factors. 

'Almost anything is possible. I like to look at the level of the students, the size of the group, the location and the expectations - then I can develop a customised workshop.
Surprise and amaze yourself with the results we can realise in a short period of time!

Prices for guest lectures and workshops are available on request.