Stef de Hoog

Instead of spending my life dreaming, I want to live my dreams. As a director, writer and person, I want to inspire, challenge and genuinely move people to feel that they are alive, in each and every way!’  

Stef de Hoog (11 February 1985), writer, director. 

Stef has been working towards his goal since 2010 at Film & Media in Leeuwarden, the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels and the acclaimed Theatre & Film University in Budapest. During his study, he has learnt how things should function, how things work, what is possible and what is not. Stef enjoys going off the beaten track to create unique angles.

He has a solid background and a unique perspective on film and life. His biggest drive is to show people how they can literally and figuratively alter their perception. His work is characterised by a direct approach, passion and stretching boundaries. His movies - Loss of Innocence (2015), Expats (2016), Wabi-sabi (2015) and Visitor (2016)  - have generated international recognition, including Academy Award® qualifying film festivals. 

Stef de Hoog is a man on a mission: ambitious, eager, remarkable and driven. 

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